Make Your Hardwood Floors Look Like New Again

We repair and refinish hardwood floors in Treasure Valley and McCall, Garden Valley and beyond.

Do the hardwood floors in your Boise, Treasure Valley, McCall, or Garden Valley, ID home look scratched and worn? R&R Hardwood Floors, Inc. can repair your damaged wood floor. If the subfloor needs repaired, we can do that also. We’ll sand and refinish worn areas of the floor or replace the wood entirely. Don’t worry – we’ll lace the flooring skillfully so the fix appears seamless.

If you just want to give your floors a new look, we can stain them in a new color. We can also provide you with custom staining. And if you want to extend your hardwood floors to an adjoining room in your Treasure Valley home, we can do that, too.

Get in touch with us today, either by phone or email, to learn how you can get $100 off a maintenance coat or refinishing job.

Common ways you may be damaging your hardwood floors

Common ways you may be damaging your hardwood floors

Some behaviors you may not even think twice about could be adding to the wear and tear on your floors. These include:

  • Not using a welcome mat to wipe off the grit, dirt or grime your shoes pick up outside
  • Using double-sided tape to keep a throw rug in place
  • Not using furniture pads to keep your furniture from sliding
  • Leaving plants, dog bowls or rainboots on your floors
  • Using too much water when you mop
  • Walking on the floor with spike heels

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